The time travel subgenre in the late 1800's. Time travel is the notion of traveling so fast that you end up at a period in the past. Time travel stories revolves around the ability to travel through time and the theme of those stories are usually the impact they have on the future. Time travel is frequently used in science fiction as a plot device and allows for more imaginative story telling.


H.G Wells is widely credited for bringing the concept of time travel to the public imagination in his novel called "The Time Machine". The story stars an English Scientist called the "Time Traveller" by the narrator. The "Time Traveller" both goes back and forward in time while discovering an apocalyptical future where all living things die as the earth moves closer to the sun. One day the "Time Traveller" announces to the narrator who is a character in the story that he will be back within 2 hours, only to disappear forever. The technological advancement made during this time may have influences H.G Wells to create this novel passed on futuristic technology.