This is an increasingly popular genre that takes place usually in the Victorian era, and involves the use of high powered steam machinery. This type of subgenre is highly influence by the mainstream use of steam machines in the Victorian era. Which included the invention of the steam engine that led inventions such as the railway trains. This genre is very similar to Cyperpunk but with the use of steam machines instead of cybernetic devices.


"Infernal Devices" by K.W. Jeter is widely regarded. Jeter is credited in invented the term steampunk. "Infernal Devices" is comic twist on the Victorian adventure novel that revolves around George, a young watchmaker who discovers that his father is a brilliant inventor. His far even creates a clockwork version of George. This copy of George is an improved and yet eccentric version of himself. The copy roams the town, which leads to a serious of strange events as people mistake George for clockwork copy.